I have decided to go public with our day to day “please don’t fall!!” life. This is attempt number 2.



Today is my day to be on the phone. We are moving soon and I have to get Anthony’s primary care sent from the current county-O to the new county-V. So far it isn’t going well. After sitting on hold for 20 minutes Florida Medicaid’s Enrollment Hotline politely informed me that they had too many people on hold and requested that I leave a message. fml. Hopefully they will be able to hear my phone number in the message over Anthony’s endless questions and Michael’s ‘I’m hungry’ cries. It will be more than worth it though when I don’t have to make an hour drive with one or both of the guys sick in the backseat. The process however tries my patience every time. Next we need to call the pharmacy and get a refill of Amicar because ours has expired, and while we wait for that to get here everyone cross your fingers and hope he doesn’t have a mouth bleed. Heres to hoping that one day this process is easier.



Last night got considerably better when my husband surprised me with a ‘date night’. He took me to see the last Harry Potter movie. So bittersweet. My childhood has died. But I’m a happy lady and now my morning spent playing phone tag with the wonderful workers of this great state is done with a smile rather than a grimace.

Anthony is being his normal self playing in the living room watching Mickey Mouse but I worry a little about a bruise he got on his knee last night. It is pretty red but not hot or swollen yet, I’m praying that this doesn’t result in a trip to the clinic.


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