New Mohawk

Today has been extra super awesome. I wasn’t expecting to recieve so much support so quickly, then I again I’ve never really asked for any before. Thanks to everyone for sharing our story and getting the message out there. I know that one day when Anthony is older and I tell him how much everyone cared for him he will be blown away the same way that I am. Special thanks to my grandmother Bess. I’ve never met her before but today she gave me soemthing I wasn’t able to give myself. Hope that maybe I can finally trace the disease backwards in a family I’ve never met. Maybe I can find out where we came from and be connected with other families we were at one time related to. This is of course a wishful thought but she’s given me hope and I could never ask for more than that.
On another note Anthony got his first mohawk today!!! And he looks so b.a with it. We spiked it up and he’s been running around for the last few hours looking punk rock.

As an ode to my fading childhood we are making butterbeer. I’m so excited…and feeling slightly nerdy but all the same I’m a happy mommy. We also finished up our newborn photos of baby Michael, Anthony was a great big brother and did all that we asked him to do to make the pictures truly special.


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