Summer is Hot.

Today was a super hot day and so our summer fun has yet again been limited to watching the Disney Channel and playing with cars. This takes a bit more explaining that the usual it’s too hot and I don’t want to play outside. Anthony simply can’t take the heat. It’s bad for him to be in an enviroment that is too hot because he would bleed easier. I hate that I have to keep him indoors during the summer months that were my favorite as a child and I am certainly not looking forward to when he’s older and wants to play outside with his friends. But some good news has come today! The a/c in our car is going to be fixed cheaper than we expected. AND I found a preschool in New Smyrna he may be able to attend. It’s called Meadowwood and they have an RN on staff. I haven’t called yet asking about information but from what I can tell the parents seem to love it. On the downside they do have a waiting list and it may be too pricey for us to afford. I am of course hoping that it won’t be too bad because him interacting with children his own age is something that he has been missing sorely. He can even begin attending at the age of 3. I am hoping that when we move we can find a way to send him there or somewhere similar so if anyone has any information on a good preschool in the New Smyrna Beach area please let me know about it.
We have reached over 80 likes on our facebook page so thanks to everyone who has shared our story and made it travel so far. I cannot express how grateful I am to be connected with so many amazing people. Special thanks to Mariah for the beautiful pictures she took of my boys yesterday. She always does a wonderful job but it catches me by surprise each time.

I would also like to report that one of my long lost aunts lives near New Smyrna, hopefully I can get a phone number and meet her. It blows my mind that I actually have some blood relatives left in the world. [Not that my extended family isn’t great. Love you Kirsten, Russell, and the rest of the Browns]
Going to attempt to begin planning Anthony’s birthday here pretty soon. I know he will be super excited! He finally knows what a birthday is and keeps asking me when his will be. I love how smart my baby is. For those of you that are interested we are planning to participate in the Holiday Walk this year. It will take place at Lake Eola on December 10th. I will let you all know when we register so you can make donations in Anthony’s name and maybe some of you will even come out and walk with us for a cure.
Love from us down here in Kissimmee, Fl.


2 thoughts on “Summer is Hot.

  1. Kinda feel like I just got dumped down here in Florida and forgotten sometimes but at least good people claimed me as theirs in the absence of blood relatives.

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