Back to Kissimmee.

Our mini vacation has ended and we have landed back at our own house. I never did get to take Anthony out but we found something unexpected and indoors to do. He helped me bake a cake! Not just a pre mixed box cake but one that took a bit more care and love to create. He was such a good helper, if maybe a little slow lol. Hoping that I can find other things for us to get into. I fanyone has any ideas let me know! It has to be a real attention grabbing sort of thing because Mr. Anthony is quite hyper most of the time. Not too much else happening today but as soon as I’m done editing our new video it will be up so keep a look out.


2 thoughts on “Back to Kissimmee.

  1. Make stuffed shells. My parents did it with us and I can’t wait til Mason’s a little older to do it with him. It’s quick, easy, gooey, and a little messy!

    • Try the cake with Mason, after having done it I know it’s something we could have done sooner. He did it from start to finish including sifting the flour and he loved it all.

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