Decisions. Decisions.

As a mom the amount of time I spend stressing over the decisions I make regarding my children can at times be overwhelming. I know that one day they will grow up to be amazing men and that I can only do the best I can but I still want the journey to adulthood to be the best possible. That being said I worry about my decision to start Anthony’s prophylaxis sooner than later. We could in reality wait until he has real joint bleeds other than the one he had almost 2 years ago. But a joint bleed will ultimately break down his joints and if gone untreated it would limit his mobility eventually, not to mention I imagine it hurts quite a bit more than the normal bruising. If I delay it though I may give him more time to be stress free. Constant. Stress. Raincheck on a decision until I speak with Miss Virginia about it next week.


One thought on “Decisions. Decisions.

  1. You are a great mom and I know that you will make the decision wisely. You have done a great job so far even though it has been difficult at times.

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