Working Woes

Every time I leave my guys in the care of someone else I have a mini panic attack. I mean ANYONE else. I can’t help but play this little blood and gore movie in my head starring my sweet little boy crying his eyes out. And then I tell myself I’m being a dope and he’s perfectly fine with whoever I’m leaving him with or else I wouldn’t be leaving him there.

I worked last night for the first time in a year. And I know this working is going to be followed by a lot more working. There is still a small part of me however that has a little mini panic attack over the fact that I’m not going to be with him 24/7. Someone please tell me I’m not absolutely psychotic. I love to work don’t get me wrong. It happens to be just about the only “me time” I get besides my shower. Not to mention it pays for my caffeine addiction which happens to be key to being a mother of 2 I recently found out. I suppose one day I’ll stop worrying or maybe I won’t and thats one of those secret things about being a mom you don’t find out about until you have children.

I’m looking into applying for benefits for Anthony. I’ve been told some kids with hemophilia get approved and others don’t. I’m not sure how the state justifies giving assistance to one child and not the other when they have the exact same disorder but cross your fingers that I’m on the lucky side. =] If anyone has any information they can share to shove me in the right direction it would be much appreciated, send me and e-mail, text, phone call, private message, hell send me a letter I enjoy a nice hand written sentiment on occasion.


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