Grandma is Coming To Town! well coming back at least.

Michael and Anthony at Anthony's 2nd Birthday party.

Anyone who knows me personally knows that in March we suffered a tragedy. [I know my life is so gory.] father in law passed away. It was like 3 am and he was driving to work in the rain when a drunk driver swerved into his lane and destroyed the heart of my mother in law. Wendy is one of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and I believe completely that she did not deserve to have Michael taken from her, especially like that. Being there to break that news to her will forever be one of my least favorite days. After we had a funeral down here in Florida she still had to go up to Maine and have a second one for his family. God bless her strength because I am not certain that that is something I would have

Michael, me, Sam, Wendy at our wedding.

been able to do without being a blubbery mess. However part of Wendy’s beauty is her ability to be the loving and happy person she is no matter what situation she is faced with. AND today she is coming home! She is actually probably on the plane right now and my Anthony cannot wait to see her. We have been “watching” the skies for her plane since he found out she was coming home.

Do me a favor everyone and call a cab next time you go out and have a drink. It’s just not worth it in the end.


2 thoughts on “Grandma is Coming To Town! well coming back at least.

  1. Sarah that still breaks my heart everytime I read that! So sorry that Wendy (and all of your family) had to suffer so much from something could have been avoided! I know she has to be thrilled to get back to her grandbabies! Love to all, Aunt Debbie

  2. We love you to Aunt Debbie. She’s is doing well though and I’m sure that this final funeral has felt like closure for her. Anthony is just as excited to see her as she is to see him I’m sure.

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