Healthy Eating

We spend a lot of our lives in a doctor’s office or hospital and as a result I’ve come to really trust and rely on medicine. It has however occurred to me that I may be relying on it too heavily. Recently I brought into this world Anthony’s little brother Michael and since then my body seems to be going into revolt. I have had a cold, hemorrhoids and now I’m having a whole new issue I haven’t put a name to yet in just 6 weeks. Now these things are unavoidable and I realize that. Hemorrhoids have been happening forever to women after they have a baby and I know that there isn’t anything I could have done to prevent it. Colds come and go and I know that also. And God only knows what this new thing entails. I just feel like maybe everything doesn’t have to happen so close together. Maybe if I watched my diet and took a daily multivitamin then my body would be more prepared to bounce back. So I am going to do it. I am going to take the plunge into the wide world of healthy eating and attempt to wade through all the advice, wives tales, and outright bull that is out there. It is important to me that Anthony and Michael have the best quality of life possible and I need to teach them young so that it isn’t ‘healthy eating’ but just the way they eat. I don’t want for them to have to put effort into being healthy adults. Now I am the type of woman who randomly gets swept up in something for a whole week and then forgets about it. So this is going to be a tough transition I think because I do happen to love my brown sodas. But for my boys I’d do anything even keep myself around an extra few years by being a healthier person. Send me e-mails, links, advice, myths, suggestions your grandma shouts at you while you are int he middle of a sneezing fit. I want to hear it all! Let me know some of the bad things to. I had no idea what hemorrhoids were much less that I would get them. Someone should have thrown a warning flag at me somewhere I think even if it is a very personal thing to have happen. As a woman I am finding out about a lot of things that could happen to my body as I get older that I didn’t even think were possible and I know there are things like that for men as well. Warn me! I have 2 sons and a husband. The only way to prepare for the future is to know what sort of things to expect.


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