Summer is Over.

Anthony on the boat.

Yesterday we celebrated my nephew, Mason, turning 2! Anthony had so much fun but we did have to cut it short when the presents rolled out he decided to open them all for Mason. They had pool time fun, we went out on Grandaddy’s boat [Anthony had to skip the tubing and I’m now glad he did because my legs are bruised] and had CAKE! Michael got to meet the family for the 1st time. And of course he was a little perfect gentleman showing his dimples off every chance he got..or sleeping lol but those ladies loved him either way. Being out and about is a little stressful for me sometimes. We have to watch the bottoms of Anthony’s feet int he pool to make sure they don’t get rubbed to raw. He can’t participate in tubing when we go on the boat because it would

my step-brother Andrew tubing

bruise him too much. When he throws himself around during a temper tantrum I just want to wrap him up in bubble wrap. I don’t even want to think about him getting sun burnt.

Michael smiles.

[shudder] But it’s all worth it to see him having fun and enjoying the good times. My hope is that as he grows it isn’t a big deal to him and that he is able to have fun without feeling like he has to be on guard every second. I know I should hope for a good balance of him having fun and being aware but really I hope that sometimes he can just forget.

I have decided to work on the Committee for the Holiday Walk in December. I am so excited to be a part of something and really be working for change. I cannot wait for Anthony to be out there doing something even if he doesn’t know that it is for him. Let me know if anyone is interested in walking with us or donating to the cause.

We are moving in just a couple of weeks! I’m not sure about the exact day because I have to work a few events and I do not know who is watching the boys yet. The first load of our things got there and is all put away. Just have to bring clothes, toys and a crib and I will no longer be living in my hometown. I don’t even have to wrap my head around this I’m just so excited about moving I can hardly contain myself. The closer we get the more antsy I am. This last week in July I have always felt like was the end of summer. It’s time to get ready for the beginning of something new and for us this year it’s the beginning of a new chapter in our lives.


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