Clinic Checkup Today!

Our 6 month check up with the hemotologist was today and I am so pleased with the results! Anthony is doing amazing and based on his medical history he doesn’t even look like he has severe hemophilia (due to the lack of joint bleeds). Some days I worry that I am not doing the best possible for him and stress over my decisions and lack of knowledge but I truly have done well. When I was pregnant with Anthony I agonized over whether or not I would be a good enough mother for him, even unborn I knew he deserved the very best. The doctor said that he doesn’t need prophylaxis treatment yet and he is more than capable with coping at a preschool with other children his age. His joints are perfect and he is more flexible than the normal little boy all conditions set aside. I rest easier knowing that we can set aside the hard choices for another 6 months and he can remain carefree. In the meantime I have a lot of researching to do. I want to find someone who has a child with the same disorder as Anthony [a few families actually]. My goal is to pick apart their brains and learn about the choices they have made. The port is a huge decision for me and I want to be sure that it is the best alternative to treatment directly in his veins. I am however having trouble getting people to respond to me so if anyone knows of another family going through this encourage them to contact me. I also want to meet families in the central Florida area. Yes Anthony should have relationships with any sort of child but I feel like he would benefit from being a part of the hemophilia community and knowing a child his age that is/will be going through the same things he is. Someone he can relate to on a level that he wouldn’t be able to with another person. As always thanks to everyone for your continued support. Look us up on Facebook at


2 thoughts on “Clinic Checkup Today!

  1. Sarah, you are doing a wonderful job with Anthony. Please don’t be hard on yourself. The “little man” is very lucky to have to awesome parents! Blessings -Paul

  2. Thank you so much. I am hard on myself I think because I don’t want to forget that both boys deserve to be taken care of like they are ‘special’. I like to push myself to do a better job if I can.

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