Moving Week.

It’s moving week! I have managed to get all of the doctors sorted out for Anthony and Michael. They will be able to see the same pediatrician! I still have to get factor sent to the new address. Since we aren’t getting prophylaxis we only have 2 doses on hand and in general I like to have more than that. You never know when a small bleed means sleeping on a cot on the hemotology/oncology floor at the hospital. I am leaving this evening but the boys won’t join me until Wednesday night and Sam can’t come until next Thursday. It’ll give me time to get everything set up for them but I’ll still miss all my guys. It’s a weird transition going from stay at home mom to working mom.

Anthony got to go to Disney yesterday. We live very close to Disney so

Our last Disney trip in February.

this isn’t an unusual thing for him but he still loves it all the same. He came home last night raving about all the characters he got to meet and hug and dance with, apparently Pluto licked his face a lot. I don’t have any pictures yet because the camera isn’t developed but I will be sure to post them when I do.

I have been studying like crazy to take a college placement test. I plan to start school in January to become a nurse. Given the situation I feel like that is the best career path for my family, especially Anthony. And it will give me some peace of mind knowing that I am more than qualified to handle his care without constantly second guessing myself.

Sill expanding on our Facebook page I am happy to report. We have now reached 5 countries! And I have finally been contacted by another hemo mom. I’m absolutely thrilled about this! She doesn’t live in Florida and her son doesn’t have type B but I feel like she is still someone I can relate to and that is what I’ve been missing. Ideally a little boy with hemophilia type B severe age 3 would just pop right out of nowhere and instantly become Anthony’s best friend, but I’m guessing that won’t happen any time soon lol. For now we will just keep on searching. I love that the internet makes the world small and that it is possible to connect with people who are far away. Keep on sharing.


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