Our Very First Shiner

Anthony has had a bruise on his rear for at least 4 days now. Night before last he was in bed crying because it hurt so first thing in the morning I got him an appointment at clinic. When we finally got there, despite the Florida rainstorms and awful traffic, we got to visit with Dr. J [who is not our regular]. Now normally I love the clinic but yesterday I didn’t receive the usual amount of help and concern that I’ve become accustomed to. And Dr. J didn’t give my Anthony any factor even though I told him that he was in pain from the bruise because it was not a joint bleed and so therefore wouldn’t affect him in the long run. I am all for not giving medicine unless it is actually necessary and don’t even take a Tylenol myself unless the pain/headache/whatever is unbearable. Just something about

My boy's very first shiner.

knowing that my little boy is hurting and they won’t give him the factor [which he should have been born with in his system anyway] upsets me quite a bit. This is the first time I’ve had an issue with treatment received in the clinic and have even said before that the chances of us going anywhere else are slim to none. I attribute my poor service yesterday to the loss of my very favorite nurse practitioner Miss V. And of course when we got home Anthony managed to give himself a black eye, because when it rains it pours. He was playing with his cars and bouncing them on the table like I’ve asked him 100 times not to and one bounced up and hit him in the eye. My question now is should he go to clinic for this shiner even though it isn’t a joint bleed? This all also leaves me to question the decision to wait for prophylaxis until he has serious joint issues…not always sure about what I should do.

“Caring about your kids is sanity, and being this sane can make you a little crazy sometimes.” –Adam Sandler, Spanglish


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