I never though too much about the whole ‘practicing medicine’ concept until Anthony and even then I just sort of blindly assumed that every doctor in the world knows exactly what he/she is talking about. My thoughts about it were pretty simple, they are educated so they know what they are doing, right? Not necessarily. Now I’m not saying that there’s a bunch of quacks running around with stethescopes pretending that they know what they are doing. More like every care giver is different, has different opinions, ideas, ways of doing things. Like when I was pregnant, some doctors are incredibly invasive to the point of me being very jittery when it came time for a visit, and others are calm, collected, go with the flow kind of people. Same for all doctors I guess. We’ve had good pediatricians, bad pediatricians, pediatricians with accents I couldn’t understand, it all comes with the territory I guess but it never really bothered me too much until I understood that I have the right to a doctor I enjoy visiting. A bleed isn’t ever pleasant but it makes it a whole lot easier when I’m not stressing about whether or not we are going to get factor. The one thing that bothers me the most however is not knowing what doctor I am going to get. Is it really so hard to have certain doctors for certain patients? I just get used to someone and then it goes and changes on me and not always for the better. Why isn’t the patient getting more of a choice is my question and how come the standard of care is so versatile? And how come people allow themselves to be pushed around? Is it just because these people are educated or is there some other reason we feel as though health care professionals are supreme beings? I cannot wait to have my degree, plain and simple. Some times I could not even begin to dream of understanding what is being told to me (thank God for google) and I just want to know whats going on inside doctors offices. I want to know why they do things the way that they do. Don’t get me wrong I have other reasons for wanting my degree, like getting to walk acrossed a stage and accept a diploma in front of my loved ones for the very first time, but the main reason is a burning curiosity that revolves around the medical industry. I’ve got a whole lot more learning to do and who knows I may just find out that I am a pain in the a** mother and they are difficult to get kicks. I can understand that sort of thing, as long as it doesn’t endanger the child of course.

Someone let me know what you think.


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