October ’08


Grandma Peg, Aunt Shelly, Grandpa Axle, Dad, Kirsten, Me

3 years ago tonight I got myself all loaded into my mom’s SUV to go to the hospital and have my labor induced. Little did I know at the same time my dad was hit by a truck and killed. I like to think that their souls met in passing. Jeff Dodson was my dad. He wasn’t perfect but he was quick to laugh and was loved by everyone. He made me want to be a better person and simply didn’t allow the idea that I could dislike someone, especially a relative. I think of him often and all the things that he hasn’t gotten to experience with me and I wonder how things might have turned out different had he decided to stay home that night. Daddy would have loved Anthony, he loved any child really, but he would have

Me and my guy. ❤

been crazy for Anthony. Tears mean that someone is worth missing and so I cry. Tomorrow is Anthony’s birthday. After a 21 hour labor I gave birth to an 8lb, 11oz baby. And as they gave him to me to hold in my arms for the very first time he gave me a smile that told me I

8lbs, 11oz of fury. 10/10/08

would be wrapped around his finger forever. He’s 3 now and still gives me that same smile, a smile so like my dad’s that I can’t help but to see a little bit of him in my son. 3 years and I still wish he was here. I wish he couldhold his grandchildren. I wish he could have walked me down the isle and met my husband and given his blessing. I wish he could be strong for me when I feel like I can’t anymore. Just to be alive one last time to tell me that he’s proud of who I have become and the family I’ve made for myself. To hold

Sam and I with Anthony. Happy Birthday to my baby.

me in his arms so I can tell him that I love him and I haven’t forgot him or anyone that has passed. Another year has come and gone and changed us and helped us to grow. Another year I’ve gotten to spend with my baby. Nothing will ever be more amazing to me than him, that I made such a complete person, my greatest accomplishment.


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