Bottle Mouth

Anthony has 4 cavities in his front, upper teeth, this is commonly referred to as ‘bottle mouth’. It occurs when the child is allowed to go to bed with their bottle each night. Yes folks that means I did the lazy thing and rather than fighting with my child at bed time I let him take his juice to bed. Since he has hemophilia I can’t just take him to any old dentist to have work done or rather any old dentist won’t take me. For the past year and a half I have been trying to get an appointment with a very highly recommended dentist, obviously this has been with no luck. On October 28th Anthony reached his breaking point. The pain is too much to bear and aside from not being able to chew food he has been unable to sleep through the night. OK dentists point me to the hoops you want me to jump through! I’m not entirely sure how many dentists there are in the Central Florida area but on October 31I called 5 before 1 would take me before January. The drive from New Smyrna Beach

Puppy Anthony

to St. Cloud SHOULD take 2 hours start to finish but after being caught in pouring rain and getting detoured off the interstate onto the slowest road in the entire world we got there in 3.5 hours. Anything that can go wrong will. So we finally get there and I’ve accepted that Anthony is going to get turned away yet again when these lovely women behind the desk apologise and tell me that Anthony can get in at 8:30 the following morning. There is a God! Not only do my little ones get to enjoy Halloween but St. Cloud is just a short drive from Kissimmee, where my mother lives, so I will not have to drive back and forth again.

November 1, 2011. Time to load up and head on back to the dentist. Let’s hope they are able to do something because I can’t take anymore of this pain. So we get there and they give a quick look before handing me a referral to a specialized dentist. 2 o’clock that same day they want to see him. We are finally getting somewhere! A zillion x-rays later I’m wondering how much the dental assistant likes her fingers because Anthony is looking

At the dentist's office

like if she sticks them in his mouth again she’s gonna lose them. Turns out that all 4 teeth have to come out AND THEN he’s going to need a filling in one of his back teeth and a crown put on another. fml. But no work can be done until the dentist and the hematologist speak to each other. Really getting tired of these hoops.

November 2-6, 2011. NOTHING HAS HAPPENED. I’ve been giving him the antibiotics we got from the dentist but the dentist and the hematologist apparently lack communication skills and so I’m left waiting. Hopefully sometime soon they can take care of my little one and until then I just keep on calling and asking if anything has happened.


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