Before Hemophilia entered into the wide world of Sarah I barely knew anything about HIV/AIDS. Didn’t affect me and sadly enough that meant I didn’t care. When I did finally hear that AIDs had so widely affected people with bleeding disorders I did a mental ‘duh’ and decided it was worth reading up on. Many people today still contract the disease and have no idea how they got it, obviously eliminating the general routes and remaining clueless though no less affected. Unfortunate. Though I am not personally affected by HIV I feel as though it warrants more of a sense of urgency than hemophilia itself. I read once somewhere that there’s an estimation that close to 40 MILLION people, worldwide, are HIV positive today. I can imagine that not everyone realizes why I would care so much about this or what it has to do with Hemophilia at all. Truth is it has nothing more to do with a Hemophiliac in particular anymore than anyone who received a blood transfusion in the 70’s and 80’s. We weren’t screening the blood, or at least not for something like this, and so a lot of people had a blood transfusion and walked out with an incurable disease. Lives were lost because of this and like the plague it is it has continued to spread. FOr the most part I would imagine the average American is not at risk and I by no means intend to frighten anyone but a cure is necessary. A senseless way to die. I find myself very curious about the origins of the disease and have of course heard the outlandish claims beginning mostly with a conspiracy orchestrated by our very own government. Personally I don’t think that our government has so much interest in killing off most of their tax payers with a disease they have no cure for but that’s just me. No I want to really know where it started and when. Of course we know when it really began spreading but I’ve always firmly believed that if you can remember how something began you can find a way to finish it. Then again who knows maybe they’re a heart beat away from finding a cure at this very moment. My point is that being aware of things that don’t really play a role in your life isn’t a waste of time. Useless knowledge is still knowledge and whether you feel the need to read things on the internet or pack your brain full of books it’s time well spent if you can be at least a little prepared for something in the future.


Don’t forget that our Holiday Walk is in just a few days. We still need $110 to reach our fundraising goals, Hemophilia won’t go away on its own after all.


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