School or Home School?

Anthony is only 3 and yet it seems like only yesterday I was holding him for the first time. I can’t help but think about the things that I want for him and his brother alike, who I want them to be, what values are so important and what things I hope they never have to learn. Now I know that I have no control over the person he will choose to be in life but I can show him the high road and hope like hell he follows it. Each year it seems as though a new decision presents itself, each one equally as hard to make however as I press forward through the hospital visits, birthday, tantrums and ‘I love you Moms’ I know that I was right when I decided being a mom would be the most important thing I could ever do with my life. Before I know it he will be starting kindergarten and that is where my next choice comes into being. I have unfortunately lost most of my faith in t he public schooling system. A flawed system, drugs, abuse, violence in general has allowed the future of our country’s minds into mush. Quite simply I just want to keep my children safe. Of course I can’t keep them safe from anything or Anthony wouldn’t have hemophilia, but I can keep them safe from cruel children. Not the normal picking on each other, bullying is wrong but the dangers I’m looking for are the kids who think they need to bring a gun to shoot someone or blow up a school. Unavoidable and very sad. Aside from that I want to play a big role in their education and make sure that they learn all about our history not just Christopher Columbus and Paul Revere but the Vietnam War and Native Americans living in horrid conditions right here in our country. I want my kids to know as much as they want to fit into their heads and more. So I think my husband and I may have decided that ‘home schooling’ is the correct method of learning for us. My state luckily enough offers an online schooling program paid for by the state just as public school would. They would still get to join class trips, but to tell you the truth the only class trips they sent us on were trips to Sea World or Bush Gardens I’d rather take them somewhere a bit more educational. They could participate in school dances, graduation and so on. The risk of a bleed at school would be pretty much eliminated. And both kids could still socialize when they go play their sports or do boy scouts or whatever it is that they are interested in. I understand that socialization is key to a child becoming a functioning member of society but my life long friends weren’t necessarily made in school. Honestly I wasn’t a big socialite in school and finished my own high school education online. Why should I expect that my kids need something that I didn’t? I think that learning self-discipline and playing with friends at basketball after school will be a perfect way for my children to be prepared for the future. Now I know that a lot of people will disagree with my decision and that’s ok, everyone does things differently. One day the boys may come to me and say that they want to go to public school at which point I’ll have to think about enrolling them but until then I think I’m going to give the alternative a try to hope, just like everyone else, that I don’t royally screw my kids up forever.


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