Dentistry Part II

Team Anthony at the Holiday Walk for Bleeding Disorders

Back in October Anthony’s teeth began to hurt him pretty bad.  Of course we had the normal trouble finding a solution due to the

At the dentist's office. Beginning of November

whole ‘We won’t treat someone who is going to bleed all over us!!’ attitude. You can read all about our dental adventure at Anyway we managed to find a dentist who would take us and then played the waiting game to see when we could get into a hospital to have the procedure done. Did I mention the ‘procedure’ is having

Bottle Mouth

some teeth pulled? Yep. To. Pull. Teeth. It is now December, almost 2 months later, and I have finally received a call. They want to schedule us in for Jan. 11th. Cool. I have to call out of work but no big deal, boss lady will understand, after all we have been waiting for this work to be done for 2 months now. Only  his last physical is out of date and our health insurance only pays for one physical a year sooooooooo I guess that means they can’t do the work now because THEY took to long to do the scheduling. Options are A. pay for a physical myself or B. wait until NEXT year when my insurance will pay for another physical. Here we go again. Now I”m on the phone hoping that maybe the hemotolgists office can do something for me since insurance is more lenient with billing from a specialists office. But of course they can’t just answer the phone during business hours, either someone will speak with me before they start or after they finish.

Some days I feel as if this system was set up to help people fail. How on Earth could I possibly know all of these things unless I had a lawyer looking over every detail, or of course became a lawyer myself? I just don’t understand how come things can’t be more simple. The kid needs a physical so lets give him one. Do people really attempt to take advantage of the system and have more than one physical done a year? I mean I understand having a limit of other things but really? people try to sneak in extra physicals? At any rate I guess they can just line up the hoops because as per usual I will be spending all of my energy trying to jump through them. I’ll keep updating so you guys can keep reading about our outrageous dental adventures.


2 thoughts on “Dentistry Part II

  1. I wanna say *Merry Christmas to you Anthony.. and a Blessed New Year.. You are such a good boy with happy spirts no matter what.. The people in yer life are truely blessed to have you.. 2012 i believe will be your year to grow even stronger.. prayers and love to you
    Ms. Patty

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