Diet To Help Hemophilia?

Every 6 months Anthony meets with a nutritionist to discuss his dietary needs, mostly to warn against the dangers of childhood obesity. We take all suggestions into consideration and of course pay attention to what he takes into his body. I have wondered in the past if there was something that could be added to his diet to help clotting. If there was some vitamin supplement that could help a hemophiliac’s liver so that maybe it produced a bit more of the factor it’s missing. No one has ever told me that there was something he was missing and so we just moved on with the regular treatments and maintained

Food Pyramid

our normal diet. I read an article this morning that stated there are things out there that may help. Of course adding a few vitamins to his diet would never replace regular treatment but I have been wondering if it couldn’t help along a mild case of hemophilia. This article stated that increasing calcium, Vitamin C, and Vitamin K through various foods would help the body to run more efficiently. We all know that getting the right vitamins and nutrients is important to staying healthy but how many of us really pay attention to what we are eating? I wish that there was a way I could sort of experiment with this new information and see if it does indeed help with bruising. With the prophylaxis that would be impossible but if anyone out there has tried this with their bleeding disorder let me know. I’m interested to find out if adding vitamins really does help and if so how much. I plan to ask the doctors and nutritionist next time we go to clinic but in the meantime anyone out there reading help our knowledge grow!


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