First Aid

My First Aid Kit

In Florida having supplies gets pretty important what with the hurricanes and all. Extra drinking water, batteries, ect. My first aid kit is bigger than the norm for obvious reasons. Call me over protective but having almost everything I need on hand may be the difference between treating a boo boo at home or making the hour drive to see our doctor. In a perfect world I could fit the entire kit into a super cool vintage-like first aid kit and mount it on the wall but in reality mine is too big and instead I’ve resorted to a 3 drawer plastic thingy. We keep on hand everything from bandages to butterfly needles as well as mini first aid kits in the car, my purse, and diaper bag. I think everyone should have at least the basics in their home for emergency use. After all kids will be kids and a trip to the pharmacy with a screaming child can be awfully taxing on anyone’s sanity.

Check out the link below to see what the Red Cross suggests you keep in your medicine cabinet. I’m pretty sure they sell kits too in case you are lacking. -Anatomy of a First Aid Kit, The Red Cross


4 thoughts on “First Aid

  1. Add super glue to the kit! It’s a great for minor cuts and scrapes when Hemophilia is involved! Two other name brand products I would recomend, but you need to make sure there are no reactions with the products, are QR Quick Relief and Celox.

    I keep a lot of non standard thing in my First Aid Kits.

    • Non-standard things are so important sometimes! Can’t believe I didn’t think to put in the super glue, we used to use it for cuts all the time when I was small. I’ll def look into those products. Thanks for the great tips!

      • I also carry an extra large first aid bag with us. I have 2 boys with Severe A and you never know when you will need something. As well as many of the things you have in your kit I also keep a plastic container, (A normal sized pencil box I got on sale at walmart) to keep all of the “one time use” bug bite cream, Triple antibiotic cream, single doses of allergy med’s, medical scissors, tweezers, and a few other odd and end types of things. having it n the separate container makes it easier to just pull out and take with you other times. I also keep all of my supplies in separate colorful “Pencil bags” they are all thick plastic, zip closed to keep things contained, and are color coded, to make things easier to find. (Plus it helps if I am dealing with a child and need to direct someone else as to what I am needing exactly in the bag).

  2. I love it! Our methods are always changing and evolving so it’s great to hear other ideas. I’m looking at this multi drawer metal rainbow shelf thingy thats on wheels to house the ever growing kit but its a little expensive for something I may not like. Love the pencil cases idea I will definately keep my eyes peeled for cool stuff around back to school time. We do keep other things that I didn’t think to include in the post but then again theres random first aid things stored wherever I imagine they are useful lol For all my organization I’m still a pretty disorganizied person. =]

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