Anthony Went Back to School

It has come to my attention that I spoke against public schooling without putting too much light on that fact that I had amazing teachers who did make a difference to me. I do actually keep in touch with one of them to this day. I don’t regret going to school, it wasn’t always fun but the things in life that are most worth it rarely are. Anthony got to go back to school today after a couple months of being absent. When we walked through the door and Anthony shouted ‘Miss Judy! I’m back!’ she rushed forward and hugged my son with no less love than any of his family would. She then turned to me and asked after his health and told me she had been worried about him. She continued to say that she prayed for us in church and hoped I would call if ever anything happened. This woman that I hardly know takes time from her own family and friends to think of us when we aren’t there and to ask God that my son is safe. When I returned to get Anthony she handed me a slip of paper with not only her personal phone number but an email as well, just in case. Teachers can not be measured by the amount of knowledge they are willing to share with a young mind because after all I can teach him at home. Rather teachers are measured by their ability as a human being to leave an impression on those they are teaching. Miss Judy has made that impression on Anthony I believe and most certainly on myself. There are of course those out there I’d rather not have access to my son but school is a roll of the dice and you take the good with the bad whether it be in public, private, religous, or even at home.


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