Baby Sitters?

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I have been working more lately and as a result we have had to call on friends and family to help with the kids. Luckily we have a very tight support group around us and usually getting help isn’t too hard. Last week it was more reasonable to send the children to their grandparent’s and let them pass the kids between the 2 houses. While at my mother’s house a middle school friend of mine helped watch them and all was well. That is until Anthony came home and told me she hit him. He told me that it was on his leg and because he

Michael and Anthony

had kicked her in the shin. WHAT?! I have made Anthony fully aware that if someone makes him uncomfortable or hurts him he should tell me as soon as he can so Mommy can address the issue, and he does. Imagine my surprise when I find out someone I have known for 7 years has taken it upon herself to raise a hand against my child. So here I am, scared all over again to leave my kids with someone who isn’t me because people are capable of near anything when they are angry. I spoke to my mom this morning about it and she shared my combination of emotions about the situation we have found ourselves in. Anger, shock, hurt that she feel the need to take discipline to this extreme against a child that is not hers. How do other people out there handle situations like this? I know that he needs to be disciplined and that kicking is not ok. Anthony knows that also make no mistake. There was no bruising where she hit him and if he hadn’t told me I would have had no idea it ever happened. But if someone I have been close with for so long can think its ok to do this then how can I trust a baby sitter who doesn’t know me at all? Comments please I’m in new Mommy territory.

P.S I’m pretty bummed I haven’t been around posting as often lately. I’m going to make sure that I fit my blog in more, mostly because it’s important to me and I dig the support I receive from my readers. 🙂 ❤


5 thoughts on “Baby Sitters?

  1. I was shocked and amazed when you told me what happened I am so sorry that she did this I had no idea until you told me today I know she is not welcome here anymore that she had no right to hit him

  2. I understand your hesitation to stick the most important people in your life with just anyone. I can’t offer you advice on who to choose for a babysitter or how to trust them. But for now just know that you are doing a great job as a mom. The fact that Anthony told you shows how great of a mom you are. The fact that you are going back to school shows how great of a mom you are. Thanks for letting the kids stay over here too. I really missed them. Sorry that happened though. I think that you should ask for recommendations from friends on babysitters. If they are good they will be reccomended. I wish I could babysit more often to help you out.

    • I wish I lived in Kissimmee where I had friends to ask. Sometimes moving away from everyone you know is harder than it seems. I know its best for us up here but certain things were simply easier close to home.

  3. It is very disturbing to hear things like this. Regardless of your son being a hemophiliac or not, it is absolutely wrong that she hit him. Even though this is horrible, I believe that you need to trust in people in general. I thank it was awesome that your son was willing and able to tell you about it. I would say move on to another and rest assured knowing that your son will let you know if anything else like this comes up with a new babysitter. I can tell you that this is something that bothers all parents and we all worry about how are children are treated when we aren’t around. Please keep us posted on how you move forward with this. And, keep up the most-excellent blog! Thanks!!!

    • Anthony ended having to go back to my mother’s last night. At which point he cried a little for fear he would be hit again. We are going to move forward and she wont be welcome around my children again. Anthony is a pretty tough little Guy so his reaction makes me wonder how he was hit/how hard. I think I may have found a new sitter though 🙂 Sent from my LG phone

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