Sick Days

Sick Day

I’m not sure what winter is like in other parts of the world but in Florida its hot one day, cold the next and raining any time in between. Runny noses and sore throats become pretty normal in a house with kids and after a while I can’t help but be counting down the days until sweltering heat gives us all some relief from the flu. I think the worst part may be that while there are tons of medications to treat symptoms for adults there’s nothing out there for children under 4 except homeopathic remedies. My poor guy is sick right along with me this time, complete with matching lost voices, short tempers and the uncontrollable urge to snuggle up and watch a movie on the couch. Anthony has recently started having more night terrors and being sick does not excuse him from them, in fact I think he has more night terrors now. I look forward to when we can get back to normal but until then I guess I’ll just enjoy the fact that the only comfort he seems to want is an afternoon cuddling with his Mommy.


2 thoughts on “Sick Days

    • They are indeed. Days like today make me hope I’m raising a mama’s boy; I don’t think I can give up the snuggles just because of a silly thing like “growing up.”

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