Table Manners.

I like restaurants so good manners are pretty much mandatory in our house. I simply won’t allow bad behavior at my dinner table, whether that be inside my house or in public. Thats not saying that we haven’t had our share of toddler moments in public and when Michael’s hungry he lets you know it, but progress takes time. Anthony has done fairly well in the world of table manners and so last night we decided to move on to the next set of dinner time rules that need to be learned and followed. Everyone knows them; No elbows on the table, no chewing with your mouth open, no talking with your mouth open, no making fart noises at the table. The list goes on and so we learn them a set at a time. I’m sure there are people out there wondering why I care so much about table manners, why I’m seriously enforcing the no elbows rule. I’d have to say simply because it is one. I was taught it and now he’s going to be taught it and in a few years Michael will be taught it.

Video game over some cereal.

This morning Anthony pulled out a video game to go with his cereal. Honestly I dig his video game. It plays cool music, has Disney characters and teaches him all sorts of weird stuff I wouldn’t expect him to pick up on. When we go somewhere in public I do allow the video game to come to the table. I feel like there’s a lot going on in a public place and so a little distraction isn’t going to kill anyone. I mean they do give you those place mat thingys to color, right? At home I feel like eating at the table is just that; no TV, no video games, no coloring place mats, just the company of family. Seriously, we don’t eat around a television. So this morning I had to take it. Honestly I didn’t even really care he had it, I wasn’t sitting with him and I’m not so much of a morning person that I want to fight with my 3-year-old at 8am but when you make a rule you need to follow it at all hours of the day. What a  meltdown!  Maybe it was just because he was sick or because he was really into his game but when I asked that it not be played at the table there was a screaming jumping ball of Anthony sized fury. Time outs were given, tears were shed. Breakfast took a full half hour longer than cereal could ever warrant. At the end of it he stopped crying and yelling, served his corner time, finished eating and is now sitting happily on the couch playing his video game.


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