My Mommy Rant

Snuggled with his Panda pillow pet. (Almost 10am now) Good thing he snores like a lumber jack or I'd be a little worried about him.

I think we’re skipping swimming lessons this morning. Why? Anthony is still in bed. This isn’t outrage, this is shock. He wakes me up every morning at the crack of dawn and here we are; the sun shining, 9:32 am, a really beautiful Florida day and he’s in bed sleeping. Must really not be feeling well.






Michael however is next to me, fully awake with a ring of thrown toys surrounding his high chair. He has 2 top teeth coming in (again at the same time) and decided flinging peaches at me would make him feel better than eating them.

Nemours finally called this morning about a pulmonary doctor.


My hair is a mess.

I haven’t had my coffee yet.


I have a mountain of homework I need to crawl under. And my house needs a good cleaning. Some days life is just a little bit overwhelming. Throw in an ear infection and a surprise infusion and my day planner has gone from color coded beauty to chaos that resembles a foreign language. Madness I tell you. The natives are taking over!


So there you have it. My Mommy rant. Ever feel this way?


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