Fundraising and how your money is spent.

Each and every day I try to do something nice for someone else. I don’t have to know them, I just have to care enough that they get that small thing they are needing. When I fundraise for the Hemophilia foundation I know I’m doing just that. With the money they receive they do more than just look for a cure.

They supply families with helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, medic alerts, gas cards to get to appointments and factor for emergencies when insurance craps out (and it does crap out).

They have a summer camp for the kids with nurses on staff and a day at sea world so families can find support in other bleeder families.

They do not sell merchandise or fundraise to pay for the next fundraiser but rather give hemophiliacs scholarships to go to college and caregivers can receive scholarships to go to college so they may enter the medical field.

I am 100% behind this organization because they care about the people who make up their cause. These kids go through a lot before adulthood and continue to battle, with our Hemophilia foundations that battle is the tiniest bit easier.

 Do a small favor for someone you don’t know and donate. Even a dollar adds up if enough people care to give one.


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