For the Readers

You guys are awesome! I couldn’t sum that up any better. When I started this blog I thought people might think I’m a bit whiney or too protective or not protective enough (you know how judgey people can be) but the support I’ve gotten in the past week alone has made me want to continue to see this through even more. Thank you so much for reading. More than reading in fact, thank you for letting us know that you are here and care about what happens to our lives. Thank for the input, suggestions, questions and all around conversation. I wouldn’t be writing still if it wasn’t for you. I hope we can make this even bigger and that you all will continue to go through this with us. And if any of you are in the central Florida area around December I expect to see you at Lake Eola for our Holiday Walk. *winky face

You folks make my day.

A note to the woman who contacted me, email me again! I don’t know how but I can’t locate the email anyway but I did intend to call you.

Say something.

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