Stranger Danger!

With so many dangers in the world today I try my hardest to make sure Anthony is aware of himself. He doesn’t run off into parking lots because he knows a car could hit him. He doesn’t leave my side because he knows a stranger could take him. Call me crazy but the best person at keeping Anthony in check every second of every day is Anthony. He isn’t frightened of those around him but aware that they could cause him harm. Do you guys teach your kids these thing when they are young? Do you think 3 is too young to be learning about kidnappers and car accidents? I’ve even taught him my whole name so if something happens he can tell someone who his mommy is. When I think he’s ready I’ll go ahead and drill in my phone number. Why shouldn’t I?

2 thoughts on “Stranger Danger!

  1. Sounds perfectly locigal to me… Children now days are never to young to learn stuff like this. At I am all the time reading about toddlers and preschoolers doing amazing things like calling 911 to save a grandparent or going to get mommy when daddy is having a seizure.

    • Glad to know! Sometimes you have to wonder what conclusions they are drawing themselves. I don’t want him scared of everyone…then again I do. The world is dangerous and if I ever lost him I’d lose my mind as well I’m pretty sure.

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