It’s All Gonna Be OK.

I haven’t been in the writing mood for a little while but this afternoon inspiration simply took hold of me, so here I am.

Peace is hard to come by around here. With the questions Anthony has and Michael learning to jump off the couch I am losing dress sizes in a hurry. Being a single woman with 2 children has been easier than I thought it would though. Most days I am simply following the same steps I always have.

  • Wake up.
  • Get dressed.
  • Feed children.
  • Dress children.
  • Vacuum floor.
  • Clean up toys.
  • Feed children again.
  • Nap time.
  • Play time.
  • Dinner.
  • Work.
  • Bathe kids.
  • Bathe self.
  • Read a story.
  • Go to bed myself.

Puddle Jumpers!

It seems to me that life is all about the small details. I’m sure you are looking at my list and thinking, “Ohmajeeeze! Theres nothing fun in there at all!” Truth is I have plenty of fun. A smile crosses my face each time Anthony and I dance in the rain, or when Michael climbs in my lap to plant a kiss right on my nose. We laugh, we play, we argue, we function. Today Anthony had factor. He sat alone and didn’t shed a single tear. I knew in that moment that I’m not just raising children, but rather, raising Men.

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